SUNDAY, July 23 @11:55PM

Alamo Drafthouse Mueller



What is the Summer Blockbuster Lineup? To put it simply: It is a chance for me to meet up with my friends and watch movies ALL SUMMER LONG. It is also an excuse to put my editing skills to use and create a montage of all the films. Each montage becoming some of my favorite videos I've ever made

When do we watch the movies? Every SUNDAY AFTERNOON from May-July (except for the Marathon). At the moment times and location are TBD. They will be dependent on when tickets go on sale and what venues will be playing them. I will strive for a central location at a decent time which can accommodate everyone around Austin.

Marathon? Every year we've had the opportunity to do a marathon. Since there's never a lack of sequels, it's been one of my favorite traditions, and is always a good chance to highlight a good franchise or films people may have missed the first time around. This year we'll be catching up on the rebooted Planet Of The Apes Franchise. Starting with "Rise" & "Dawn" on Friday, July 14th, before watching the next installment that Sunday. The location is TBD, but in this case it'll be a house viewing with food, beverages, and possibly some fun games/giveaways. I hope to see you there.

Why Sunday? Planning for a huge group of people to go to the movies has always been a challenge over the years. Sunday afternoon during opening weekend seems like the best compromise for everyone. Also: It's cheaper. The added benefit is that we'll have the chance to hang out afterwards to catch up, grab some beers, and talk about what we just saw. I also plan on Live Streaming reviews on Youtube for anyone who is interested in joining me.

How do we stay updated? You'll want to make sure to re-visit this page from time-to-time for the most updated info. However I have provided a sign up form so you can receive text or email notifications in order to stay updated. 

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I look forward to hanging out with everyone. If you love movies as much as I do then this should be a fun summer for you. See you at the movies!