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January 28, 2011

As I write this I'm boiling water for a good ole' fashioned bowl of Macaroni & Cheese.

That said, we haven't much time. I know I promised you a blog post every day, but frankly that was stupid. I'm stupid, and if I keep this up it will be a miracle. However I'll continue pushing myself until I find that I'm drawing too thin, and only then will I admit defeat.

Today I only have one question.

Is it one space or two?

For the past week I've been using one space instead of two after my periods, question marks, exclamation points, and other such punctuations, to see if it's possible to train myself. This is because my very first english teacher a year ago said "One space, not two" on one of my papers. For her I complied, but it went against everything I had ever been taught in those keyboarding classes back in 6th grade.

Granted, the internet/typing has evolved by that point, and I can see where more people are going for one space. It's definitely more efficient and looks prettier.

But is this really the new rule?

I've only recently started using it, but I want to be correct - not fall into the bandwagon. If I conform just to be like everyone else, then I'm contributing to this ever deteriorating english language, and I can't have that on my conscience.

So please internets. Help me figure this out.

Is it one space or two? Does one space really look better? If I give up the two spaces, do I also have to give up my top hat and cane? I feel like I'd be less of a gentleman if I conform...

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