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January 18, 2011

Here are the videos I've been working on with their descriptions:

[vimeo 18780789 w=500 h=281]

Imagine Trailer from Mattias Marasigan on Vimeo.

Gateway Church did a production of "Imagine Christmas" this past December. I was tasked with putting together a small trailer to represent the feat. I was limited on footage so I had to resort to the various shots I captured when I attended, the rest is from the flip camera.

"Winter Song" by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson

[vimeo 18864312 w=500 h=281]

Gateway South Campus 3rd Anniversary from Mattias Marasigan on Vimeo.

The South Campus of Gateway Church in Austin, TX just celebrated their 3rd birthday. I had less than a week to put together a video celebrating the past three years, but was given very little footage to show for it. I scoured the internet and downloaded programs to acquire videos from facebook, vimeo, and youtube from various people from the church. It was tough but all I needed was to get something presentable, at least enough for me.

I put together the footage given to me with the footage from the net. I also tried to make the music as epic as possible to get people excited despite what might be represented on the screen. What you see of imagine christmas is from my previous video, same edit, just a chunk dragged in to the end of this video for effect (it represents a culmination of South Campuses efforts the past three years anyway) I also tried to put together a story while also leaving space for our South Campus Pastor Bruce Gilson to do a voiceover with the last half. Then the voiceover fell through and I was tasked with putting text in order to tell the story. I had fun with it but ran out of time to put final touches, but instead of fixing it up I want to represent it as it was shown during service (3 versions later).

"Main Theme from True Romance" belongs to Hans Zimmer.
"Beautiful Bounce" from the upcoming Gateway Church Worship Band album.
"Coming Around" belongs to John Powell (How To Train Your Dragon Soundtrack)

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