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Here's the thing. The search for a wedding videographer - I recognize - is a struggle; especially in today's society, where everyone has access to professional grade equipment at ever shrinking prices. Production houses are popping up like a Seattle based coffee shop on every corner. With endless choices, and every one of them just as competent as the other, how can you possibly choose the right one? I set myself apart by guaranteeing one thing:


Where everyone else is worried about the bells & whistles, or relying on a formula to get the job done, I aim to approach each wedding like a completely new project. I'm not looking to perfect the wedding video or simply repeat the same old story. My goal is to find what makes you - and everything about this ceremony - unique, and to bring that out in an equally exciting way. Personality and character will shine though the final product - as I get invested into each story as if I were telling my own.


Weddings are hard moments to capture. There's so much weight on those days because they're highlights of your life you never want to forget. You want to remember the feeling you had when you said "I do", and to catch the details and the emotions through a lens to be able to play it back for years to come is a next-to-impossible task. When we hired Mattias, we had no idea what to expect because our hopes were so high. But when we received the final product, we were blown away. He had somehow captured the beauty and the essence of those key moments of our story. He created a time capsule we've revisited many-an-anniversary.

- Nathaniel Hilpert

For wedding rates we have to consider a lot of factors. So I've put together a questionnaire for you to fill out so that I can give you an accurate quote in regards to what you're looking for. Filling this out doesn't lock you into anything. It's simply a means of contacting me so that we can get the conversation going. Once I've received a copy of your inquiry we'll set up an appointment for a consultation, whether in person or over the phone, so that we can go over the answers and discuss anything else we might have missed - also so we can get to know each other better. I want you to go into to this as comfortably as possible, and I hope this will be the start of a wonderful friendship.



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Weddings I Shot But Did Not Edit: