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About My Work

For me, Video Editing has always been about finding the story. I don't mean the typical, Inciting Incident, Conflict, Climax, and Resolution type of story, but very much the beginning-middle-end type of story. I tend to work on getting the footage first. Sometimes planned, sometimes impromptu, but in every case it's all about capturing the moments as they happen. When I sit down in the editing room, I never know what to expect, and it all depends on what now EXISTS based on the footage captured. As a creative, I believe the final product has already been determined, and it's up to me to reveal it. 

I have been editing like this since about 2004, when I was finally able to use my pizza hut money towards my first Mini DV camera. I started with a passion to capture events. To bring an audience along the journey when I went to youth camp during the summer or did a play with my high school. More-over, I wanted to give participants/friends a product or memory they could look back on, and it brought me such joy to share this gift with those closest to me.

This mentality is what inspired me to start a weekly Video-Log (VLOG) on Youtube, over ten years after buying that first camera, and is what continues to drive me towards seeking out new opportunities to use these skills. Whether it's Weddings, BTS on various film shoots, capturing live performances, narrative shorts/features, or just a fun night out with friends, I want to capture it. There is a very unconventional style that has developed over the years, of which you will find various examples below, which I believe leads to unique products unlikely to be replicated by another videographer.

In any case: I hope you enjoy what you see.


THIS IS SPECTACULAR……I CAN’T STOP CRYING…I can’t wait to show this to everyone….
you are amazing!!!
— Cathie Richard
All the shots that were requested were completed first and then focusing on shots that we did not think about that could help pull the video together. Additionally, the edits and 1st cut of the video were done very quickly! Great experience throughout the process. The video that was captured showed a great eye for shots and an even better vision for composition of the video. This video should further our sales cycle to gain more customers.
— Jona Williams
Mattias and his crew are unparalleled. They go above and beyond all expectations, listen closely to your vision/ needs and have excellent intuition when telling your story with their creative influences. He meets all deadlines and upholds very professional standards. Mattias is a dream collaborator.
— Jennifer Sherburn





BTS + Live Performance Capture



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Dance Booth Copy 02.00_01_05_08.Still007.jpg



DAY RATE: $300
(up to 10 hrs/day)

(5 days)

(check out these fun montages below. These are editing exercises I like to do every year.)

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