This is Mattias.

( This is what you know him from.)

Mattias is a Content Producer.

That means he likes to make stuff.

Mattias has been creating content for over 15 years. With a specialty in video production, he successfully started a production company where he uses his skills in Directing, Cinematography, and Editing to help brands and individuals bring their video projects to life. When he's not getting hired out as a videographer he never stops creating. He writes. Produces podcasts.

He's an Actor.

He's a writer.

He's a Videographer.

He's a Photographer.

Things he can do for you:

Video Production

  • Strategy & Marketing
  • Writing, Scheduling, Budgeting
  • Hiring & Casting
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Actor Services

  • Headshots
  • Reels
  • Video Auditions
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Youtube & Social Media

  • Tutoring, Consultation, or Training
  • Production & Filming Assistance
  • Conception & Brainstorming
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More stuff Mattias has created.

A site for filmmakers in Austin with resources, articles, and podcasts.
A podcast about life with co-host David Hildebrandt.

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