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January 26, 2011

I have two things I want to share with you.

Number One:  Never...ever...EVEReverEVER!!!! - Use money in your bank that has been sitting there for a month and a half because the bank never cashed it. When it comes down to it, you're the one that has to pay the cost.

Number Two:  I had a free-writing exercise today in my creative non-fiction class. I intend to share these whenever the outcome is satisfactory. The only thing you need to know about free-writing is that you're given a topic, and once your pen hits the paper it's not supposed to leave it. You keep writing, even if it means repeating the same word over an over again until you gather your composure. As a creative writing exercise it's supposed to help train your mind to continue thinking like a writer and to regurgitate ideas without stopping to make any edits. As such you will find that these paragraphs run on or have no clear direction. I've placed some substitute words where sentences would otherwise make no sense, but for the most part left it completely intact. I know the dangers of putting something out there that is incomplete and devoid of any clear thought process, but when it comes down to it'll be barely a drop in the bucket to the writings I'll probably make in the future. So as an initial composition I hope you enjoy.

Today's Topic:  Why do you write?

I write because I've never had an outlet. In high school I wanted to write stories because I was so inspired by video games and the thought of creating my own [story] and placing [my own characters] into another world was fascinating. When I realized that was too much work I wrote online and used the worlds others had created and instead played a character within that world. I could be anyone. I could weild [I did spell it wrong initially] any weapon. I could woo any girl. The possibilities of fiction and that endless adventure are what got me into writing fiction and I continue building that craft today.
 I started writing about my life to keep people updated. I wanted to share my experiences, thoughts, and frustrations to family and friends I have met along the way. Through that I found the power of words and that the more I wrote the longer my paragraphs became. The more I could express, the more I became inspired and wanted to put words to ink just so I could let it out. It was therapy. Because even if no one was listening, I was still listening, God was listening, and I have grown through my writings more than I have my mistakes because, well, there's actual proof to be found.
I don't know when I began in Journals. I don't know why. Perhaps I just needed a way to chronicle events in my life, but without consistency they became unfinished. Every Journal in my room is incomplete, despite my frustration with completion, and yet it still remains as a small window into my past existence.
Indeed, I write to exist.

Why do YOU write? Is there anything you do that makes you feel the same way, that is Therapeutic? Do you use one space or two spaces after a period, question mark, or exclamation point on the internet?

Also, if you're a prayer, please pray I can get my finances under control as soon as possible. Thank you.

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