Published on
January 21, 2011

Sometimes life hits your hard.

Sometimes you and your girlfriend decide that right now you both just want different things.

Sometimes the check you wrote your apartment almost two months ago finally got cashed, and it bounced.

Sometimes the VA doesn't pay the full Housing Allowance because you haven't been in school the entire month, and without a job this has put you behind a couple of months.

Sometimes your credit cards are already maxed out.

Sometimes your driver license has been expired for a month and you don't have the money to renew it.

Sometimes you can't get your school text books.

Sometimes you don't know how you're going to make it.


Sometimes you still remain friends.

Sometimes you can borrow books from classmates.

Sometimes your Financial Aid will go through.

Sometimes the book you received "Gazelles, Baby Steps, and 37 Other Things Dave Ramsey Taught Me About Debt", by Jon Acuff, might give you ideas on how to not be stupid.

Sometimes you pray for FAFSA.

Sometimes you get to do what you love regardless.

Sometimes you get called back for an audition you never intended to go to anyway.

Sometimes you know that it'll all work out.


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