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April 6, 2011

Welcome to the new daily blog. I hope this serves it's purpose well and that you enjoy more content from someone who shouldn't be creating it.

Today was another busy Tuesday.

Besides class I was stuck with not one, but two small groups for Gateway College. I'm helping to lead one for the south side of Austin in the afternoons, and I'm greatly enjoying it. There's actually a good post I want to write about it, but I'll save that for the 1-4-3 as it entails a more in depth topic. What I will say now is that this small group is what I hope will be an example for groups in the future to do it right. We're keeping it conversation based, allowing for the good and the bad to come out, so that we can use individual discernment to get what God is trying to tell us. Again, more on that later.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with an talent agent here in Austin. I auditioned for about 15 representatives at the first Alliance Actor's Fair this past Saturday, and this particular talent agency has shown interest. We are going to determine if we are a good, compatible fit for one another, and I'm getting excited. I really do hope it works out and that God's will be done here.

Just to add fuel to the fire though I've been re-watching Entourage with my girlfriend. We're already through the first season and onto the next.

It's not a realistic view of what an agency will be for me, but it inspires me none-the-less.

This couldn't have come at a perfect time.

I was talking to one of my mentors today about God's rewarding me for taking initiative in my life, weeding out the things I don't need, of the flesh, and pouring more into him. I've been praying to God about my direction of acting v ministry for a long time, and now he's giving me a good balance of the two. The past few months I've gotten opportunities that are more than I could've hoped for. I'm working for the Gateway South production team. I'm producing a podcast for the college network. I'm helping facilitate another small group. And now I'm potentially getting an agent and working towards a film career.

Even if that falls through, I see where God is present in my life with my ministry and how he is Good to give me what I ask, the deepest desires of my heart, to work for the college ministry while using the talents he has given me. If that weren't enough, now he's opening a new door, and I will forever be grateful for it...

even if it closes.

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