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April 23, 2011

Today was a reset.

I know it's been ten days since I've last posted, but it was not from lack of trying I assure you. I simply had to figure out my priorities within the past week, and with a lot to catch up on the blog had to take a back seat until everything go straightened out. I'm glad to say that hopefully I'm back for good until the next crisis hits.

It's Easter weekend and it's given me a lot of time to reflect. Thursday I read Matthew Chapters 26-27, which was coincidentally the next chapters in my reading plan anyway, and it really put a weight on me. I stopped short of 28 and didn't even glance ahead. I wanted to imagine for myself what it was like, with the next few days till Sunday, to imagine Christ the Messiah dead and buried. What people sometimes forget was there were at least two days where the disciples and those who believed in Jesus had to rethink their life. They had to determine next steps, come to grips with this loss, and figure out if they were going to move forward as planned. They may have heard Jesus say he would do great things, but as far as they knew he was dead, and they weren't sure he was coming back.

You see we have the privilege of knowing the end of the story, and it is upon Jesus' resurrection that we find our faith, but I do find it interesting that with the original disciples they had to base their faith not on a resurrection, but a death on the cross, and here is where I wanted to place myself this weekend.

The past week has been a blur.

I've been cast as a principal actor in a Sci-Fi Internet Series Pilot called "SCOW" (Space Command Orbital Wrecker). My character is named Jonathon Van Doern and he is the highly-intelligent-yet-plays-oblivious navigator of the ship, claims to be african american, and is a womanizer. With that character description out of the way I'd like to say that I'm very excited for this project. From what I've seen this is a series reminiscent of Firefly/Serenity, and the characters are simply amazing and well written. I can't wait to be a part of this and I'll definitely keep you updated here as things move forward. For more info you can also follow me on twitter: @mattiasalegro.

I can say that things are also looking up as far as my personal life goes. Josie and I are continuing to work on a friendship which I am thankful for, and despite what my recent blog posts may have hinted at I'm actually doing quite well in regards to the break up. I know that God has his hands over everything and he is in control, so letting go this time around was fairly easy and the growth I've experienced in the past year is tremendous. What I wouldn't give to see what God has waiting for me around the corner...

God has been working in great ways to continue putting me into people's lives so that I might show them more of Him. I can't say how grateful I am for those experiences and how much I hope it humbles me so that I can continue to be a servant to Him and others around me.

There are also things coming up in my life that I won't go into detail here, as it is of a sensitive nature and until things are more clear I should keep it under wraps, but I will say that God has clearly seen the desires of my heart. Whether or not He plans on giving them to me now or later is another issue, but if things work out like I'm expecting then there's no limit to how happy I'll be. More on that in the future I hope.

So there's the re-cap, and since these generally tend to be boring I tried to keep it short and sweet.

I hope it fills you in sufficiently.

Until tomorrow, have a good Easter, and get yourself to church. I recommend Gateway South Campus at 9:45 or 11:30 if you want to see me.


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