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April 13, 2011

Today was unproductive.

I literally feel like I've been going through the motions all day, and I have no idea why. I could attribute it to being lazy, but that can't be true because I did get things done today. My problem has been my priorities. They seem all out of whack. It's as if my system is still rebooting from the weekend.




I did get some things done today. Namely a little bit of shopping for necessary household items. It being Tuesday I went to two small groups after my only class. Eric Bryant and I have planned out a general outline of what we'll be talking about in our discussion group next week, so that's plenty exciting. Also David Hildebrandt (on his 23rd B-Day) spoke on Identity of Christ at Gateway College, and I thought it was a fantastic discussion. Overall things went really well today. I even got to have some friendship moments with Josie Hood, and we all know how big a step that actually is.

But there were a couple of failures today.

Namely an assignment I didn't do for my creative writing class. It was part of an essay I'm supposed to be doing research on now, but I have barely started on it. The subject of my essay is "Is Chivalry Dead?" and I'm actually excited to work on it, but I really am fearing that I won't have the time. I think I'll try and call in some favors from more popular bloggers to get some reader's perspectives on the subject. Maybe that will help. However, if I don't start putting that at the top of my list I'm going to be in for a stressful weekend.

I have to clean my room and my car. These are not terribly important, mind you, but it is something that's bothering me. I'm not OCD, but sometimes when things aren't organized in my physical surroundings it actually effects how organized my brain is. I'm sure this is true for a lot of people, but that's the best way I can explain it.

Tomorrow should be better as far as school goes. I'll have a packed day, what with three classes, one meeting with my sociology teacher to decide on a research topic, and three performances that I promised/have to attend - two of which I might miss because of the aforementioned meeting, but at least one because they are both going on at the same time - and that's not taking into account the homework I'll need to catch up on as well as anything else that might come up.

Overall, when compared to today, tomorrow should definitely counter-balance the unproductiveness.

And that makes me tired just thinking about it.

So now I'm going to sleep.

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