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January 26, 2011

I'm no stranger to sharing my story to anyone. If someone asks me what's going on in my life I tell them exactly what's on my mind, and if I'm struggling with some issues at the time then you can bet they'll here about it.

But I'm in the minority. I notice that others are not so keen on sharing their thoughts or problems to the general public as much as I am. That's probably for the best, considering everyone has gotten tired of my ranting on a daily basis, but I'm still inclined to argue otherwise.

People don't share their struggles because they are afraid of others finding out. They don't want to give the impression that they're in trouble. There's an image to uphold that everything in your life is just fine. Honestly that's ok, because I love it when people are happy without any worries. But there are times where we have to share our story. There are times when we have to delve into the more "personal" aspects of our past.

Those are the times that we shouldn't be afraid to speak out. No matter how close to the heart certain information may be, it's still a part of us, and I think being able to own up to those moments are important.

Unfortunately people fear going into those dark places. I could argue that this is probably due to the fact that they haven't fully dealt with them yet, or it might still be fresh; either of those the case then you get a free pass. However if it's just fear of what others may think or how you might come across, I have trouble sympathizing with you.

Because I wonder if Moses agreed to have all his dark moments shared with the coming generations. Would he have wanted to come across as a coward before taking on the mission God gave him? Would he have wanted others to know how close to the bottom he really came?

In that case, what about Job? I'm sure he would've wanted to escape the embarrassment for challenging God like he did.

Adam? Eve? No one likes them. They never asked to be "the fall of man".

Jesus called Peter "Satan" at one point. I'm sorry, but I agree with what another guy said, but if I had been the one Jesus was addressing, I would have laid on that spot until the day I died. There's no turning back from that.

These moments and more are for all to see for eternity, or at least until Heaven comes crashing down to Earth. Yet God hasn't condemned any of these people, and in each case every person moved on. They weren't afraid of owning their darkest moments, the ones that made them feel so small, and if you talked to any of them today I bet they'd freely admit it to you in the greatest of detail.

Because the one thing they each have in common is the Grace of God.

When we are able to accept that Grace, then we are able to own these moments too. They become a part of us, and no longer do they become something to fear. Despite what others may think of you, it doesn't matter, because you look back on these moments and know that you are no longer like that. God has helped to mold you into someone better, all because of these moment.

So don't be afraid to own them too.

Mattias is an actor, writer, filmmaker, and editor currently living in Los Angeles, CA. He often writes about his observations about life, the human condition, spirituality, and relationships. He also enjoys writing about movies, pop culture, formula one, and current events. Often these writings are 'initial thoughts' and un-edited, as authentic as possible, and should be considered opinions. If you're interested in commenting on his work, or continuing the conversation, you should consider following him on Twitter or share an article on social media, where he would love to engage even further. Consider subscribing via RSS for more.