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January 31, 2011

While doing a study of "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan I took in consideration my luck in knowing God. This is unrelated to the book, I should mention, and I'm not exactly sure how it entered my mind in the first place. None-the-less here it is.

If it's true that much of the world will never come to know Jesus Christ, I wonder what it is that makes me so lucky. What reason does God have in choosing me? What qualities do I have that the guy next to me doesn't?

In that sense, shouldn't we all possess the inept qualities needed in order to follow God wholeheartedly and to love Jesus?

We each have a purpose and a life that was intended for us before birth, but many people will go through their life and never find it, according to the bible. This bothers me because I see those close to me and I know their potential; even though they don't follow God that doesn't mean they're on the path intended for them right? But are they destined to be that way forever? If so, then why me? Why am I so lucky?

Indeed to consider myself lucky may not be the initial reaction, but it still seems appropriate and one I've never considered. We talk about grace and how we are undeserving to receive it, and this shows the unrelenting mercy and love that God possesses.

But just knowing him - How many of us consider ourselves as lucky just to know him? Even if we don't fully understand our purpose, we still have a chance relationship that many will never know. ("Chance" is struck out because it maybe have emphasized the wrong reasons in which we follow Him. Also, him choosing us isn't chance, this was intended.)

So when you come to this realization, that you were chosen amongst many others just as much as you chose to follow him, then it is hard to be a lukewarm christian. To sit back and just wait for Heaven to come to Earth, or for "my eternal life" to kick in, and try to remain "good" while I do so would be pretty ungrateful. Yet people do this. They feel they made the choice and it's the fault of others for not making the same, and they fail to understand that it was God grasping hold of us in the first place.

You were chosen.

You have a purpose.

This is not to say that others who don't know him are without purpose, but this is to inform you that - for lack of better words - you are freaking lucky!

So why not pursue these things? Why not dwell on the fact that you could still be wandering around with no direction whatsoever? Understand that God chose you because at some point you possessed the qualities he was looking for in carrying out a specific task, not a one-shot deal, but one that will last a lifetime (in essence, your life is the task, but it is about how you use it.)

What do you think - Do you feel lucky punk? ya?

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