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January 1, 2011

I am not writing this because it is now 2011.

I am not writing this to give you a list of new year's resolutions.

I am writing because I've made it my obligation.

These events just happen to coincide.

I won't deny that I planned on writing a post such as this about half a month back, or whenever I first stopped writing good posts - whichever came first.  It's come to my immediate attention that I want to focus more on becoming something of a writer, as a secondary career, and though I haven't figured out much on what that entails I figured it would be appropriate to actually...well...write more.  These blogs give me a good outlet to do just that (who would've thunk) but they have been mostly inconsistent throughout this blog's lifespan.  As such I've decided that this moment (New Years just happen to be a good spot to mark...this is NOT a new year's resolution) is where I will crack down and start becoming a better blogger.

Please note, this does not mean my posts will have a consistent theme or will have anything to do with something other than what's on my mind/about me.  I am not changing the topic of this blog.  I am not giving it a focus.  I am simply challenging myself to write on a daily basis (with a few obvious rain checks every now and again.)  I want to provide you with more consistency, first and foremost, and if better writing/blog/ideas come from it then we'll work our way from there.  This blog will still be about God, Girls, Mattias, Movies, Mattias, Girls, Jesus, Books, and Mattias etc.

Yes.  I just put my name next to etcetera.  You can get over it.

I promise that as of now this blog will be more consistent.  To help towards that I have made a list of things I'll be doing from here on out in order to ensure that I will write more often:


  • Read more books:  If I'm to write more then I need to read more.  Whether this be non-fiction, half-fiction, or complete-fiction, I need to commit myself to opening more books and getting my mind going.  Currently I'm reading "No Perfect People Allowed" by my pastor John Burke, and it's definitely given me a chance to take notes and form my own opinions.  I want to do this more and share it on this blog, so reading more seems like the perfect way to get my brain going.
  • Read more blogs:  I never really considered it until recently, but if I'm going to write more blogs, then I need to be more active in other peoples.  I will be honest, I had some help with this from Bryan Allain over at and his book from BlogRocket.  I suppose it never occurred to me before, but that's because I've never been very good at networking; that and I'm pretty selfish.  So to start off a new method of blogging I'm resolving (crap!) to read more blogs, and not only to read, but to comment and share as well.  Seems only natural I guess.
  • To Write More:  Ok, so I didn't put much thought into this list, and in fact I was stumped after those first two, but I felt like I needed a third so here goes.  I'm determined to write more (obviously) but I am not just referring to blog posts.  I've realized through school that I quite enjoy writing, and I miss my days of fiction and coming up with characters.  I always figured that once I have more concrete ideas that I would write screenplays or stories, and for big projects I still hold to that, but in the meantime I want to write more short stories (they're fun!) and other non-consequential work as well.  Maybe some plays.  I dunno.  Just writing.  Whether it be in my journal, some notes, or some fiction, eventually it will make its way onto this blog, and therefore everyone benefits!


Anyway, there are three things I'm committing myself towards to help make this blog a more consistent, and perhaps welcoming, community of sorts.  Further down the line I'd also like to give it a design overhaul, but that is all dependent on finances.  For now I just want to get my money's worth as is.

While I'm here, I might as well fill you in on other things I'm undertaking as my life takes a shift (lots of things happened.  Again, New Years is only coincidental.)


  • I want to start my own video production company.  I don't have a name yet, but I want to start doing more freelance projects, short films, and commissions in the future.  I'm working on a project where I documented my entire month of December currently, and will have that up soon to advertise what I'm capable of.  Hopefully it will be good.
  • I'm taking a Piano Class this semester.  Besides my usual acting classes, this is the one I'm most excited about.  Most likely I'll also be able to start creating songs and using my voice more, but we'll see what happens in the future.  If anything I might be able to participate with my brother and his musician friends more often; especially after my Djembe got stolen in November.
  • I'm also taking a creative writing class this semester, but that goes back to me writing more, so you get the point.
  • I may or may not (it's a secret) have a short independent film I'll be acting in starting in the next few weeks.  It's officially my first project as an actor.  I'll let you know more when I can.
  • I resolve to keep my super identity a secret.  What?  Like you didn't know.
  • Bible, Small Groups, Jesus, blah blah blah.  As a christian I'm obligated to become more involved within my church community, as well as to read the bible more and pray more.  Remember, it's only an obligation I have to voice, not necessarily that I have to do it or that it's really needed in my life.  Just sayin.  Though, Gateway better watch out because I'm not holding back from now on.

That's all I can think of for now, but I think it's a blog post time well worth spent.  See you tomorrow (hopefully) and have a great New Year!

What are your resolutions?


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