Published on
April 13, 2011

For my creative non-fiction class I'm supposed to write a piece of personal journalism. Seeing as how I was allowed to choose my own subject, I mistakingly chose one that I'm barely having the time to even research. However that's never stopped me before. I'm actually very interested in this subject and wish I had the time to do the major footwork, but since I may be running out of time I decided to use my blog to my advantage. I have a few questions I need answered to help me out, and I'd greatly appreciate if I could get some very detailed replies, if possible, and your own insight on the subject. So here it is:

  1. Is chivalry dead?
  2. What examples/images come to mind when you think of chivalry?
  3. What is chivalry in today's context?
  4. Can Chivalry be saved (if it's dead or dying)?

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Indulge me. I'd greatly appreciate it.

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