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April 10, 2011

Today was ongoing.

Woke up early again. Tried to get some more sleep but ended up having another unwanted-yet-pleasent dream.
So I decided to stay out more than stay in today.

I just started driving with the top down. Destination was unknown. I gave a few people a call but no one answered. Eventually I stopped at I Luv Video and bought a couple of movies. After that I headed home, and me and one of my roommates went to see Source Code in theatres. After that I went to Best Buy to buy more movies + a TV Show. Then I finally got a hold of Corey, original plans had fallen through but we decided to hang out. Went to Flipnotics Coffee Shop and just talked for a couple of hours. Then we came back to watch one of my movies.

It was a nice day. I enjoyed most of the driving; especially with the top down.

Memories still pop up everywhere. I can't shake her image.

Still, things are getting better, albeit slowly.

If I could spend my days like this, being with friends and driving with no purpose, then I know I'll be alright.

I do want a motorcycle though.

How do you cope with a breakup?

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