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April 25, 2011

Today was lacking.

I will say that today, Easter Sunday, was not completely devoid of success. As with most Easters we were reminded not of the sacrifice, but of a promise. Jesus did as he said he'd do, as he rose from the dead, out of the tomb, and changed the world forever. This people celebrate the world over, but where I find the good news is not in his resurrection but in his words "I've will go ahead to prepare a place for you." That 'you' refers to everyone who puts their trust in Him, and that is truly good news that we might defy death just like He did.

I went to an Easter service at Gateway Church, the place that I call home, but the message wasn't particularly targeted at me. It was more for the non/unbelievers, Gateway's forte, and though the message was universal it wasn't going to do much for the believer who already found these things to be true. So I was satisfied at best.

After service I went to lunch with Josie. The past 24 hours for us have been good for our relationship. Establishing that we are still very much good friends, confirming why we wouldn't work out as a couple, and comforting us that we will still be a part of each other's lives. I couldn't ask for a better friend; especially given recent events that she is just oh-so-supportive of - despite it not being necessary for her. Truly an amazing girl and I can't wait to see what God has in store for her.

Where easter sunday begins to fail is upon my return home to crash on my bed.

This is the last thing that I wanted to do, but I had nothing planned out for the day and I was dead-dog-tired from the night before. In hindsight I should have gone out to enjoy the sun and breeze, but we always do our lives better in hindsight. I would have hung out with friends but everyone was with family, so basically I was left alone for the rest of the day, and this, for lack of better terms, kinda sucked.

Where I feel like the church dropped the ball on Easter Sunday is that this was supposed to be celebratory. I wanted a feast. I wanted to hang out with the family, not of blood, but of the bond of christ in which we were supposed to be shouting about all day today. Don't get me wrong, I love the blood family, but Christ calls us to come together as brothers and sisters and to become a new family, and mine was absent today.

I think I want to change that next time.

I think I want to put together a party in which believers and non-believers can just take part in and fellowship together. Where the story of Christ, his sacrifice and resurrection, won't be told in some passion play or through a sermon where everyone shows up in their sunday best, but through the mouths of those who have faith.

This is ambitious, but I think it's possible.

I think inviting the world to partake in what God has given us, to show them the life that we preach about all year long, is a lot more impacting on the human heart. When we come together and tell our stories of struggle, of where God came in and healed us, and how we were brought to the life he intended for us, and we do so by cheering at the top of our lungs and breaking bread with those who are otherwise outcasts of the world, then we're actually making a statement - Not just stating it.

I've always admired the Irish. When they have a wake there is much celebration. They are rejoicing in a life, not in a death, and by doing so they are creating happy memories that will last until their own wake.

Christians don't do this.

Funerals are boring.

But what's interesting about easter is we're not having a funeral, because there is no body, and there is no death. There is life in Christ. There is a resurrection.

But I saw no celebration to mirror that of an Irish wake (which I will surely push for my friends to have.)

We sang songs.

We nodded in agreement.

We posted facebook statuses.

But we did not break bread.

We did not bring out the good wine.

We did no celebrate life.

I slept most of the day.

And so I say today was lacking.


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