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My name is Mattias.
I'm a Videographer, Vlogger, Actor, Editor, Photographer, Cinematographer, Writer, and Creative Director living in Austin, TX. 


Basically - I'm trying to pursue a lot of things. This website attempts to capture it all, in no particular order. I've been making videos since I was 17 (14 years) and have been acting even longer. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to entertain, tell stories, and have a platform or stage to share myself. As such, I've given myself as many avenues as possible to make that happen.



I started a Blog in 2006 to write down my thoughts. I became a youtuber in 2015 in order to continue working on sharing my life and experiences with others. In between I've also created content for other people, those who gave me the opportunity to be a part of their dreams, and even created some passion projects of my own.



All-in-all, I'm always looking to do things in a new or unique way. It's my hope that this website will become a place to share all that, and a hub for other creators to garner inspiration.



If you haven't heard of me, feel free to browse around to get a good idea of what I'm about. If you want to work with me, well there's plenty of ways you can do that as well. Anything I put out on the internet finds it's way here, one way or another, so this is the best spot to keep up to date on all things Mattias - if that happens to be your thing.



I hope it will be.

-Mattias Marasigan

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